Guideline and Information

Things to look out for when printing with these material.

Packaging FormatFrosted sticker / Super Clear 007 / transparent stickerDecal
MC/MKTransparents with white LaminationVan Sticker
Customer’s MaterialsSeamless Lightbox PVC (LBL2/LBL3)Lightbox Film with adhesive (L2)
LS180/Z6Tattoo Decal Paper and Glue SheetPOP Up
Return PolicyPVC Banner Printing And Finishing InfoSticker Printing And Finishing Info
Poster Printing And Finishing InfoTest Print infoRemovable Sticker
ColourHeat Transfer
Packaging Format
1. All poster/sticker (that are trimmed to size) will roll up in together with the graphic facing outward. Kindly count during collection.

2. For form board & kapaline board, it will be stack together for easy counting.

3. Any print that needs to pack individual, kindly requested during your order. We will pack into paper bag/paper. If there is a need to use cellophane there will be a minor charges involve.

4. Kindly check & count during collection. We will not be responsible for any shortage or damage after collection. During collection if there any shortage or error print, we will re-print for you. No further compensation will be entertained.
Frosted sticker / Super Clear 007 / transparent sticker
1. Kindly provide your file and we shall print a scale down test print for you as the color of the print may vary on different glass.

2. Different room lighting may also affect the color of the actual print when installed.

3. For double side printing with different graphic, it might crack after some time.
1. Please note that static decal material might curl up or peel off due to different application, environment humidity and weather condition.

2. We are unable compensate if it happened to the material due to any of the condition mention above.

3. A 5mm all round clear border might minimium these issue.

4. Size above 300mm by 300mm is not recommended.
1. Please note that compress foam or Kapaline board are for indoor use only. If any bubble apppears after 1 months of use no compensation will be done.

2. Please note that trimming to size, there will be a 2mm to 3mm acceptable tolerance on each side of the graphic. If you need the minimize the tolerance to 1mm kindly request for machine die cut at an additional charges.

3. For double sided mounting, 5mm is an acceptable tolerance on either side.
Transparents with white Lamination
Please note that if water is used during installation, white spot/patch may appear after a few days. This patches will disappear after 1 to 2 weeks. It will take a longer time for the patchy to disappear if water is not scrape completely.
Van Sticker
Our current Van Sticker are only ideal for flat surface, this materials are not meant for vehicle wrapping. Alternatively, you might like to provide us the materials and we can provide the printing services for you.
Customer’s Materials
1.We will need to do a test print on the provide materials before we can commit on the print job.

2.Kindly provide at least 10% exact for test print and error.

3.Please note that we will not be able to compensate on the materials if there are error printing or print head clog during the print.

4.For mounting and lamination services on customer's printed materials, we are unable to compensate if there any error in the mid of mounting or lamination. As thinner material or crumple materials will have HIGH RISK of damage.
Seamless Lightbox PVC (LBL2/LBL3)
This Material are not ideal to be roll up for too long period of time once printed, it will need to roll together with liner paper
Lightbox Film with adhesive (L2)
Please take note during installation, if water is not scrape out completely, air bubble might appear after afew days after installation.
PP sticker is not ideal for temporary usage as it will leave residue on the surface once remove. This happened immediately after application.
Tattoo Decal Paper and Glue Sheet
Important: This Product is not recommended for children under the age of 3 years!
Note: Print Decal Paper (black backprint) in Mirror.

How to apply Glue Sheet to Decal Paper:
1. Place printed Decal Paper face up on table top or the like.
2. Remove paper liner from the Glue Sheet and place face down on the Decal Paper.
3. Rub with cloth or run through cold laminator for proper bondage.

How to apply to Skin:
1. Trim to final size/shape.
2. Remove clear film. (Note: Avoid touching the adhesive!)
3. Place adhesive side down in desired position on skin. (Note: Skin must be dry and clean!)
4. Use wet towel or the like and firmly push tattoo decal against the skin.
5. After 10 to 15 seconds the paper liner releases from the tattoo decal. Remove paper liner and carefully wipe all excess release gel residue off the decal.
1. Kindly avoid text or logo on the first & last panel. Only 200mm width of the graphic can be seem from the front.

2. Artwork will need to be total panel size but do avoid small texts, fine line or faces in between each panel join line.

3. Please note that 1mm to 2mm of difference between panels is the acceptable tolerance.

4. Uneven floor can also causes an issue on the join line.

5. During dismantle/storage, graphic of each panel have to be roll together facing outward to fit into the square hard case.

6. Please do not overlap the top hook during roll up.

7. For re-print or exact set of graphic does not come with a hard case.

8. If there's a need to re-print for one panel, there will be some color variation on the replace panel. We are currently looking at a Delta E of 4 as the tolerance.

9. Kindly view the color proof before confirmation, but if customer insist on not viewing the color proof. We reserve the right not to re-print on the actual print if color doesn't match.

10) Please do inform customer that Curve Pop Up is not suitable for two sided printing before proceed to print. Reason being, the panels behind are not perfectly curve and the top and bottom of each panel will curve inward, hence, it will not look good on the system. No reject or refund if customer still want us to proceed after we have advise them the above.
Return Policy
1. Kindly check the products/prints quantity and quality before leaving our shop during collection. This will help to prevent any in-convenient or misunderstanding.

2. For any defect product/printing due to manufacturer issue, kindly bring back all the defect product/print for replacement. When cases that the print are unable to bring back, we will need at least photo or video as proof of the defect. This Warranty only valid within 48 hours upon the collection date. Any claiming after the valid date will not be entertained.

3. Maximum compensation for proved manufacturer defect is the value of the print/products.

4. All Replacement for same item only, change of design/colours, size & dimension will be treated as chargeable item.

5. Please allow normal production time for printing replacement.

6. Warranty will not apply to inappropriate treatment/handling or damage that naturally and inevitably occurs as a result of normal aging.

7. We have the right to refuse any replacement & we reserve the right for final decision.
PVC Banner Printing And Finishing Info
1. Normal finishing for PVC is trim to size, folding 4 edges, sew pocket for pole or 1 meter 1 eyelet. Any other additional finishing is chargeable.

2. All prices provided are for printing with joins, if there any continual printing (length) of 10M and above, there will be an additional fixes charges. Charges may vary on different materials.

3. If you need the titling line of your PVC to very straight, kindly request for heat press join. Please note that price may vary. For any sewing for titling there will be tolerate of 5mm to 10mm for the sewing line.

4. Tear resistant PVC will still be tore when metal pole break and pinch through or any external shape or heavy object attempt to it.

5. Any request for “No finishing”, Banner will not be trim to size or any treatment to the edges.

6. Additional bleeding with print is chargeable.

7. We do not compensate anything more than the value of the print job.

8. Please note that PVC are not ideal for using on pull up banner as it will curl up on the side straight after setting up display.

9. All PVC will leave a folding line once it is folded. With added pressure, line might be permanent
Sticker Printing And Finishing Info
1. All prices provided are for printing with joins, if there any continual printing (length) of 10M and above, there will be an additional fixes charges. Charges may vary on different materials.

2. Additional bleeding with print is chargeable.

3. All stickers are not trim to size unless requested. Charges may vary for different size.
Poster Printing And Finishing Info
1. All printer posters are not trim to size unless requested.
2. Additional charges involve for trimming or die cut.
Test Print info
1. Free test print are provide upon request for actual print size of A0 (841mm by 1189mm) and above. Maximum size for test print is A3.
2. 1m by 1m test print can only be done for actual print size of 5m by 5m per graphic.
3. Any actual print size below A0 testing print are charges unless bulk order on a same graphic ( bulk order base on total print is above 30 sq area)
4. Test Printed sample colour may not be able to match up after 2 weeks. Kindly confirm job within 2 weeks after test print in-order to have the closest colour match to the test printed sample.
Removable Sticker
1. Removable sticker is consider low tack adhesive level. It is ideal for shorter-term promotional applications

2. Removable sticker will not have residue on the applied surface after you remove the sticker within 3 months of installation.

3. After 3 months of installation, adhesive may harden (due to weather/temperature) and residue may occur.
1. All file provide will need to be in CMYK.

2. All print out will base according to your original file.

3. If you need us to follow any ISO color, please provide the printed proofing with the required ICC or ECI.

4. Any color adjustment needed, we will need you to provide us the layer file.

5. Visual match with offset printing for Fogra 39 can be easily produced by our large format printer with a delta E of 2 and below.

6. Printing on different media will also affect the out come of the colors.
Heat Transfer
Please note that the transfer film may look uneven on rough surface fabric. (example: Q-stand belt)
The nature of the material is Opaque white, area that are not printed will remind as white.