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Graphic Specialist Unit 35
NamePositionTel No.Email Address
Peter TewPrinting Department Manager6383
Genie TayPrinting Department Manager6383
Edwin LeePrinting Project Manager6383
Hon Kim Sin (Hon)Printing Project Manager6383
Jaslyn OngPrinting Graphic Specialist6383
Natalie LauPrinting Graphic Specialist6383
May LeePrinting Graphic Specialist6383
David Chan Ren HaoPrinting Graphic Specialist6383
Terry GoPrinting Graphic Specialist6383
Graphic Specialist Unit 33
NamePositionTel No.Email Address
Nacky ChenPrinting Department Manager6288
Cheng Wei Fwu (Fwu)Printing Department Manager6383
Kim NeoPrinting Project Manager6383
Goh Sau HowPrinting Graphic Specialist6383
Joseph ChanPrinting Graphic Specialist6383
Luis FongPrinting Graphic
Sam TayPrinting Graphic
Erick LiowPrinting Graphic